'Ten Seconds Lifespan'
Did you enjoyed this little game ? If so, would you be so kind to share it to your friends ? Thanks a lot. :)
Take some news In 2013, I'm learning to program games. So I plan all full of other small projects! You can keep abreast of their outputs:

Qu'est ce que c'est ? It's the third project i make on my own, including code. It have been done for the Ludum Dare 27, whose theme was "Ten Seconds".

This version is far from be finished, it lack all of the graphisms, feedbacks and most of all "The Great Absurd Fun and Nice Book Of Life". But still, it's playable. Quite usefull for a game!

Many Thanks For Halfman, Gwi and Zenol, and for people who follow my work : your tips, feedbacks, infos, shares, and support push me forward. You are greatly important. Thanks. :)

Thoughts For the friends from l'Aude, for guys from LudumDare, GCN, Twinoid and JOL, for the polyamorous, the vegan and the hairy people, for JCM and my mummy. :3

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